Designing Life’s Celebrations: DeJuan Stroud

DeJuan Stroud’s book, “Designing Life’s Celebrations” is really a fresh guide to entertaining with an emphasis on do it yourself tabletop floral design.  Flipping through the pages alone is enough inspire readers to create beauty on their own, but I loved that DeJuan also provides a rich narrative of his childhood and background on his inspiration for each design and event photographed in the book.

Now a celebrity event designer, Stroud gained interest in floral design through years of helping his grandmother in her garden.  His designs are effortless and striking while remaining rooted in tradition.
DeJuan adds fresh simple green and white bouquets to liven up this collection of traditional silver vases!
Throughout the book, DeJuan demystifies the art of tabletop decor.  He emphasizes the ease of a simple DIY floral arrangement and the joy it can provide when celebrating life’s day-to-day occasions.
Stroud provides basic flower care tips and suggested tabletop layouts for large party arrangements. He stresses variety in height, flower type and container.
DeJuan also gives great entertaining tips to readers in the Workbook section at the end!  I loved reading about the idea of what he calls “breakaway bouquets” as a group of small bundled bouquets clustered together to create a single arrangement.  At the end of your celebration Stroud suggests giving guests each one of the small arrangement as a beautiful party favor to remember their evening by, I love that!
In Conclusion, I fully enjoyed and highly recommend you read “Designing Life’s Celebrations” as it is a great resource on how to continue to find and create beauty everyday and the importance of that realization.  DeJuan writes, “When you bring beauty, care and attention to the occasion, you mark the moment- for a lifetime.”  This is such a great quote to end the book with, it resonates with me and the field of Interior Design on a variety of levels.
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Windsor Smith Homefront: Design for Modern Living

My friend and fellow Houstonian Windsor Smith is a shining talent in the interior design world and I am so thrilled she has come out with a beautiful new book (her first) featuring her impressive body of work. Windsor and I first met at a dinner party held at the Beverly Hills home of Julia Sorkin and knowing her has made following her breathtaking portfolio through the pages of this stunning new book all the more delightful.


Windsor’s style is deeply rooted in tradition while always bringing a fresh approach to everything she touches. Her rooms are gorgeous but it’s her overall vision for the room and the people who will dwell in it that truly sets her apart and no one could explain this better than Windsor does in her introduction when she writes, “I want to knock down conventions and open up rooms so they work the way we live now. I don’t aspire to create beautiful rooms for people, as much as I want to change the way we live in them.”


Windsor manages to create spaces that are both glamorous and encourage people to truly live in them – think family dinner, cocktail hour, and game night. Even the tack room (with her signature equestrian flair) featured in this new book is simply stunning, but yet completely welcoming of its intended use. Her clients (including actress Gwyneth Paltrow who wrote the foreword to the book) agree, “Windsor’s talent was not only artistic, it was intuitive. Her goal was to create a space for us to love in, not just live in. From that beautiful mindfulness, together we created a hybrid that worked perfectly, a house where family, and how we live, is the focus. A house where entertaining is natural. A house where, upon entering, you know you are home.”


Kitchen center island with white ceiling, center island with pot rack hanging above, dark wood wall trim, and windows surrounding kitchen.

Kitchen center island with white ceiling, center island with pot rack hanging above, dark wood wall trim, and windows surrounding kitchen.


I’m always drawn to Windsor’s work for many reasons including her tendency to create a central hallway – I absolutely love a house that has a sense of looking through it – it’s very hard to accomplish with a lot of new architecture and she manages to accomplish this beautifully over and over again. Every page of this book is a source of inspiration that you will reach for again and again in adding a sense of modernity to your home, most especially for the livable beauty of each project.

– Bill Stubbs

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Anouska Hempel by Marcus Binney: A Brilliant Foray Into the Mind of a Design Genius

I have been a fan of Anouska Hempel for over 20 years so I was thrilled to discover the new book Anouska Hempel by Marcus Binney, Rizzoli New York 2015. I could not help pouring through the beautiful pages of the first book to look in-depth at Hempel’s body of work – which spans across architecture, furniture, landscape and graphics to products and fashion.
Anouska Hempel cover-2

Anouska Hempel is one of the world’s most celebrated designers but she is perhaps most well-known for her three groundbreaking boutique hotels – Blakes London, Blakes Amsterdam, and The Hempel.


I first stayed at her hotel, Blakes London, which was the origin of the high style, chic boutique hotel movement that is so prevalent around the world today. I can still vividly remember the decadence of its rich black and gold interiors. It all began when Anouska purchased a row of townhouses and created a wonderfully kooky hotel that was all the rage for wealthy entertainment folk and people of means who did not want the ‘tired’ grand hotel experience.



Anouska Hempel, written by architecture critic and author Marcus Binney, is also the first book to explore the sources of her inspiration while showcasing her opulent yet idiosyncratic aesthetic.


The gorgeous images allow the reader to step into the luxurious spaces that she creates and see first-hand her signature style that combines magnificence with comfort and livability. One can begin to truly understand her startling range of inspiration, which includes austere Zen temples, a fancy for visual games, a love of the color red (which I can very much appreciate).

The book is a stunning visual tour and a must read for design lovers.

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Bill Stubbs | Spring in Action

Spring has certainly been up in the air. I have had many wonderful opportunities to travel including a trip to beautiful Buenos Aires for The Leaders of Design Conference as well as events close to home including Preservation Houston’s inaugural Good Brick tour. Please enjoy some snapshots from my travels this spring.


The exquisite private island, Isla El Descanso Delta-Tigre, in Argentina. A constant evolution of art can be found throughout the lush gardens and beautiful home on the island, created by Claudio Stamato and Felipe Duran. A once in a lifetime experience.


Dinner with the talented, warm and engaging interior designer Timothy Corrigan. Pick up his fabulous new book An Invitation Chateau du Grand-Luce: Decorating a Great French Country House.


Round Top and Corona del Mar were two of the many markets I scoured this spring.


During our stay in Buenos Aires we had a beautiful picnic at an exquisite hunting lodge, Estancia Villa Maria, outside the city.


A wonderful evening with the charming Dara Caponigro, Creative Director of Schumacher.


Preservation Houston’s inaugural Good Brick Tour was a huge success. I was honored to be a Co-Chair.


A lovely afternoon at the New York Historical Society with family.


Until next time!



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My Best Advice for Graduates: Never Give Up!


I was honored to speak at the Art Institute of Houston graduation ceremony. My best piece of advice for the students, a spin on the classic Never Give Up.

I decided I was going to be in Architectural Digest. I couldn’t imagine how I was ever going to make that happen, at the time I was still selling vacuum cleaners door to door (a great lesson in rejection). I decided the best place to start was at the top. I was going to meet Paige Rense, then Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Digest. I wrote her letters and called her office asking for a meeting whenever I was in New York City. On my 14th phone call, the one I thought about not making, her secretary said why don’t you come over. Our conversation was short but memorable:

PR: “Did you bring something to show me?”

BS: “No I just wanted to meet you.”

PR: “Well bring something to show me next time.”

BS: “There’s going to be a next time?”

I never gave up and eventually found my way onto the AD 100




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Catch A Moment of Luxury: How to Create A Classic Christmas Table

We recently uncovered some ‘lost’ never before seen Moment of Luxury footage. I thought Christmas would be the perfect time to begin sharing these videos with you. In this particular video I offer some ideas on how to decorate your holiday table:

Helpful Hints:

1) Heighten the Drama

2) Commit to a color scheme

3) Shop for expensive-looking but wallet friendly buys throughout the year

For more tabletop decorating tips click here!

Wishing you a very Merry and Classic Christmas and a Happy New Year!

– Bill

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The Art of the Written Word Gets Trendy

There are so many ways to say things these days – email, Twitter, text, Facebook, Instagram. But at the end of the day there is nothing more meaningful than finding a handwritten note in your mailbox. It represents how thoughtful someone was to sit down and write a personal note to you. I have received handwritten notes from clients, friends, and even a President of the United States – and I save them all because they are so special. Thankfully in this digital age, stationary and paper products have never been more in style and there’s something for everyone’s taste – traditional to quirky. Here are some of my favorites including some decorating ideas using paper products!



Mrs. John L. Strong has been a classic choice since 1929. Handcrafted perfection. I also often jot down notes on Crane & Co. stationary. There is nothing like receiving a handwritten note. Women still tend to write notes from time to time which is wonderful. But when I receive a note from a man it becomes really memorable because it happens so rarely. My friend, Jack Blanton, attends lots of events. He sits down the next day and writes handwritten notes to everyone. My British friends still write notes with fountain pens. How wonderfully old-fashioned! If you can, take the time to write a note personally.

TIP: I find it helpful to type out my notes in Microsoft Word first and then handwrite them to take full advantage of spell check.



A handwritten note from President George Bush (41).



A handwritten note from former First Lady Barbara Bush.



My son Chad used an App called Ink Cards to send me a note for Father’s Day. The service allows you to use a personal photo, add a personal message, and it will mail it for you with a custom stamp. The picture and personal message added a sweet touch and of course I saved it!



Finally, Paperless Post still has a sense of texture to it. The envelope with your name on it actually opens for you, revealing the invitation or note inside. If you’re low on time this is a good option.



Fraser & Parsley offers stylish ways to incorporate paper products into your dinner parties. These special touches can make all the difference.



My friend Melinda Jones’ company Read Between the Lines creates paper products that inject fun and flair into a room.



Locally, Kuhl-Linscomb has a nice selection of chic, fun cards for any occasion – birthdays, engagements, or even just to say hello. Happy Writing!

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